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AllStuff has all the sweets to complete your orders. If you’re looking for an easy way to hit your $50 mark for free shipping, try adding on a few bags of our candy for a sweet solution. We have a variety of candy staples available from M&M's to Starbursts and so much more! Pair our candy alongside any order for several reasons:

  • Small size means less weight to add
  • Satisfy your inventory and yourself
  • A thoughtful and kind gift for loved ones

Add candy to any order for irreplaceably sweet satisfaction!

Vacuum Bags

Vacuum seal bags have a multitude of uses, including:

  • Preserving sturdy foods such as grains, frozen food, and seasonings
  • Covering clothes that you wish to keep safe and sealed
  • Protecting fragile items during shipping
  • And so much more!

Vacuum sealing food is especially good for retaining a food’s freshness level. For example, dried foods such as jerky and dried fruit along with cereal make great choices for vacuum sealing to keep them from becoming stale. Dried jerky and dried fruits can be stored safely within the special bags and retain their flavor, saving money and reducing waste!

We at AllStuff offer a variety of sizes to fit all of your vacuum sealing needs, including:

  • 11”x14” bags
  • 11”x55” bags
  • 8”x12” bags
  • 8”x55” bags
  • 8”x55” at 100 count
  • 11” x 55” at 100 count