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OEM Ricoh Type 1170D (841718) Toner Cartridge, Black, 7K Yield

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This Genuine Ricoh Type 1170D/841718 is originally manufactured and exclusively designed to produce high definition printouts for your Ricoh printer. This Black, OEM, Toner Cartridge is guaranteed to work and deliver highest quality of minimum 7K Yield page prints at 5% page coverage Works with 3515, 3515F, 3515MF, 816, 816F, 816MF, 917, 917F, 917SPF, 920F, 920SPF, AFICIO 1515, AFICIO 1515F, AFICIO 1515MF, AFICIO MP161, AFICIO MP161F, AFICIO MP161SPF, AFICIO MP171, AFICIO MP171F, AFICIO MP171SPF, AFICIO MP201F, AFICIO MP201SPF, DSM415, DSM415F, DSM415PF, DSM416, DSM416F, DSM416PF, LD015, LD015F, LD015SPF, LD016, LD016F, LD016SPF, LD117, LD117F, LD117SPF, LD220F, LD220SPF.

OEM Number
888260, TYPE1170D, 885531, 841718
Toner Type
Genuine OEM
Page Yield
7K Yield

Product Information

The Genuine OEM toner cartridge provides the highest quality outputs and designed to optimally work with the printer models they are used for. The Genuine OEM toner performs at higher level and produces superior text and image quality that does not fade over time, has more accurate coloring, higher page yields and carry no risk of malfunctioning and damaging the intended printer as compared to compatible and remanufactured toners. Genuine OEM product will provide you with more consistent results and is covered by manufacturer’s warranty

Brands & Models

  1. Ricoh 3515
  2. Ricoh 3515F
  3. Ricoh 3515MF
  4. Ricoh 816
  5. Ricoh 816F
  6. Ricoh 816MF
  7. Ricoh 917
  8. Ricoh 917F
  9. Ricoh 917SPF
  10. Ricoh 920F
  11. Ricoh 920SPF
  12. Ricoh AFICIO 1515
  13. Ricoh AFICIO 1515F
  14. Ricoh AFICIO 1515MF
  15. Ricoh AFICIO MP161
  16. Ricoh AFICIO MP161F
  17. Ricoh AFICIO MP161SPF
  18. Ricoh AFICIO MP171
  19. Ricoh AFICIO MP171F
  20. Ricoh AFICIO MP171SPF
  21. Ricoh AFICIO MP201F
  22. Ricoh AFICIO MP201SPF
  23. Ricoh DSM415
  24. Ricoh DSM415F
  25. Ricoh DSM415PF
  26. Ricoh DSM416
  27. Ricoh DSM416F
  28. Ricoh DSM416PF
  29. Ricoh LD015
  30. Ricoh LD015F
  31. Ricoh LD015SPF
  32. Ricoh LD016
  33. Ricoh LD016F
  34. Ricoh LD016SPF
  35. Ricoh LD117
  36. Ricoh LD117F
  37. Ricoh LD117SPF
  38. Ricoh LD220F
  39. Ricoh LD220SPF

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